A downloadable game

Kings Guard

This game was made for GMTK 2021

  • Rules and Controls: 
    • Move the camera with WASD. 
    • Rotate the camera with Q and E.
    •  Zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel. 
    • Influence your units by taking control of your Generals. 
    • You control the light pieces and the enemy controls the darker pieces. 
    • Click on the General and then click on the map to move them. 
    • Units are gained or lost based on your General's influence. 
    • Each General has a special ability and buffs units in range, making your guard stronger. 
    • Route every enemy General to win. You lose if all your Generals fall.


GMTk.zip 423 MB

Install instructions

Unzip Folder and run the EXE