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This game was inspired by late night road-trips and the heavy creepy atmosphere of most gas stations late at night . 

I take long trips a lot and the atmosphere of a gas station at night is heavy and honestly it is just really overbearing in a weird way, so I made this to kinda simulate that awkward creepiness you cant get anywhere else.


OK so i am running unity 2018.3.0f2 and for some reason my webGL builds just do not work like ever i dont know why... but they just dont... If anyone has had a similar problem let me know in the comments.

also i know you can walk off the edges i thought it would be funny to leave it in ;)


WASD - Move

SPACE - Continue

E - Interact when cursor is red

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-Made a Video. (Old Video)

Remarkable simulation of the sisyphean endeavor of doing a small task featuring other humans when you would rather be alone.

This was an nice little indie game. It was weird, but in a good way.

Love the creepy dude that follows you! First Gameplay on my video


This was a really well thought out game. Kind of makes me think that this probably happened to you or someone you knew in life.

It gave me the creeps and made me want to hurry up, get my things, and leave the store. Especially when I got back to the car in the game. I thought he was going to follow me forever. XD

Definitely creepy as well as made my anxiety act up XD But in a good way though, nothing bad. It's as if I was watching a good horror movie so there's that. :D

Thanks for making this wonderful game and I hope you make more like this.

Enjoy this gameplay too :)

hey man thank you for the awsome comment! I have a few games in the works but my main focus is on a vr title if your interested in fallowing that progress Check out Handley Shelton (@handley_shelton): https://twitter.com/handley_shelton?s=09

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I'm having trouble downloading it... I'm confused. Do you need to pay for it? I clicked "just take me to the downloads", clicked download, but nothing showed up.- edit: im gonna try it in browser, i think that's why it wasn't working. Maybe the download process has trouble with the app?


No need to pay for the game, itch.io supports many diffrent payment options. I currently have it set to pay what you want. You can always skip this option and go right to the downlod by clicking take me to the download.


Ah, thanks for clarifying! Sorry, I'm new to this platform, and I'm trying to figure stuff out. I managed to download it through my browser (just not the itch.io app, for some reason) and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for explaining the way payment works to be me.


i love it! but i dont love that dude following me around ffs--


Every time that guy got in my way I got more annoyed lol

Wow, you nailed the feeling of having a creepy moment in public. I did struggle to ultimately figure out where to click for the items, but I truthfully loved the atmosphere and aesthetic. Would love to rate your game on itch.io, it might be disabled?


Hey! I just included yer game in my latest "Itch.io Horror Games" video! Hope ye enjoy, mate!

Just skip to 8:16 to watch the part with your game in it!


Hi, does this game run on mac too? I wanted to play for my youtube channel in italian!


No sorry :( I will work on a port. At some point I would love to bring it to browser's.

I appreciate the answer and I hope to see in the future the game for browser :)


Gave it a go, maybe stole the food.


Loved the video!

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Thank you so much!

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Super creepy experience and idea lol as someone who experienced weird gas stations on a road trip this is pretty accurate lol

that is exactly what I was going for thank you1


not a bad game by any means! Just had a hard time finding gum lol. It is the second game in the video!


Fun little game!

LInk to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

enjoyed the video!


appreciate the love!


Hello there! Pretty funny game you have here! Had fun playing it! Have you considered participating in our GDWC #Gamedev contest ? Check out our Itch.io page for more info ;) 

Gave it a go...


Loved the video! Also loved what you said about the paranoia we really do all judge each other. :)

Pretty awesome! I like it! 

Thank You!


Really strange game. I completely understand that feeling of being in a gas station super late at night though.


Thank you for playing the game I loved your video!

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I really enjoyed the atmosphere and art style, and loved that the real life subtle fear was represented in the form of a creepy dude stalking you about the store.  Anyhow, my gameplay is below:


Thanks man loved the video!